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Just After Shot is an easy tool to transfer pictures from camera or acquiring paper photo
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30 June 2007

Editor's review

With each passing day the size of our image collections continue to grow in our cameras. Just after Shot software would help manage the pictures captured by you. It supports quick transfer of images from camera or scanner. It provides many functions to store and fix the pictures.

The program opens up with a grey shaded screen. It has the options to effortlessly acquire the pictures from the camera or scanner. First you need to specify the source drive and destination folder. You can save the image with the original EXIF information. New EXIF information can also be set. You can rename the pictures and set the caption with numbers and filter them by date or number. Click the transfer option and the work is done. With the ‘Options’ function you can save and load the default settings. You can change the skin of the program by ‘Windows Theme’ option in ‘Tools’. Through FTP setup you can load the pictures. The ‘Session’ option lets you to create a new session, open the existing session, and browse the session. You can also open the filtered folder and all folders from a drive. Make a new session and select a new folder from the browsing dialog box. ‘Session’ shows all the images of the folder and the selected images are shown in ‘Images’. There are short key functions for making changes to the images. The size of the picture can be changed. You can zoom the pictures and also save them. It fixes the picture and adjusts the color. It can also help you have a back-up by storing the pictures to CD/DVD or any drive. You can close the current function without closing the program.

The software has a help directory that helps us learn quickly all that is required to operate it. It has the information on how the myriad software functions and how to use it. The software is good to use and transfer the pictures easily from other devices.

Publisher's description

Just After Shot lets you to quickly
transfer your pictures from your camera (keeping the original date and time).
acquire pictures from your scanner
rename pictures files using a defined format
create automatically a folder to store your pictures
fix your pictures (rotate, red eyes, adjust color...)
resample your pictures
create new picture from another one (crop, copy selection...)
inject pre defined Exif data including GPS coordinate to all or selected pictures
modify exif data
zip your pictures with a click
backup your pictures to a CD/DVD (using its own burner driver)
copy pictures to any external or network drive
email your pictures to friends
upload pictures to FTP server.
With Just After Shot you will keep your pictures organized and sate
The "session" is the cornerstone of the software. A session can be created by acquering pictures from a camera, or by digitalizing a bunch of pictures or documents through a scanner, or by scanning a folder or an entire drive.
With few clicks the user can select some pictures, resample , zip and email these shots to friends or relatives.
Just After Shot is not an album software, sessions can be removed when the user has finished with the organization and backup. But sessions can be kept for quick access.
Just After Shot is compatible with WIndows Autoplay. But unlike a lot of famous sofware, Just After Shot searches for the most recent folder on the device inserted, and not only for the root folder.
Just After Shot uses the look and feel of Microsoft Office 2007.
Just After Shot
Just After Shot
Version 2007.1.1
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